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Everything you need to know to plan a photo session

A picture is worth a thousand words and if you have a digital business, one of the first investments I recommend you make is a photo session. Whether you sell products or services, photos are going to be the first thing your customer will see and you only have a few seconds to ensure that first connection.

Here are some tips that I'm sure will help you a lot when planning a photo shoot. Take into account that a good organization will allow you to get the most out of the investment you are making.

  1. When selecting the photographer, consider their style and the connection you have with him or her. Remember that as with everything, there are specialties and hiring a photographer specialized in personal branding is not the same as one specialized in product photography.
  1. Organize the number of photos that you are going to require and consider all the uses that you are going to give them, here are some examples:
    • Banners for the desktop version of your website, they are generally horizontal
    • Banners for the mobile version of your website, they can be square or vertical
    • Single product photos
    • Photos of product in use
    • Photos showing some detail of the product
    • Social networks
    • Advertisements
  1. Look for sources of inspiration and/or references in terms of colors, frames, poses, Pinterest can be a great ally. When you have all your references, organize them in a file that you can have on hand on the day of the session so that you don't forget anything.
  1. Carefully choose the outfit for each photo, consider the colors, whether you are outdoors or in a studio, and above all, whether it is consistent with your brand image. The day before, leave everything ready and if possible take a photo of the complete outfit so that when making the changes everything flows more quickly.
  1. Makeup is important and if you don't feel comfortable wearing it try to make an exception. You can do your own makeup or if the budget allows it, hire a professional, but days before the photo session, do some tests and leave everything organized.
  1. Evaluate the backgrounds and lighting of each shot, if you do few photo sessions a year, try to have the greatest possible variety of backgrounds.
  1. Always have a good attitude before the unforeseen events that may arise. It is possible that something does not go as planned, but it is best that the atmosphere that day is very calm and relaxed so that the result is the best.

Remember that this is about constancy. It may be that in the first attempt you do not obtain the expected results, that is why it is important to always evaluate what can be improved and continue working on that.

A hug,

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