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I explain what a lead magnet is and I give you 7 ideas for you to implement it

One of the biggest assets in a digital business is the mailing list, it allows you to have a more direct and personal communication with your audience without depending on the algorithms of social networks. A few years ago, it was enough to ask your clients to leave their emails to feed this base, but that changed and now it is necessary to give them something in return.

That cookie that we give our customers in exchange for their emails is the famous Lead Magnet and the most common is the one that offers a percentage discount for the first purchase.

If you already have one implemented, congratulations ! And in case you don't have it or want to change the one you already have, I leave you a list of 10 Lead Magnet ideas that will inspire you.

Lead Magnet Ideas

  • Free shipping : It can be applied to all items that sell physical products.
  • Downloadable : It is very useful if you sell decoration items since you can give them a style guide or if you sell items for children and you give them coloring templates.
  • Gift item: You can send them along with their first purchase an item that does not mean a lot of investment but that will leave your customers in love.
  • Tutorial : If you sell beauty products you can give them access to a tutorial showing them some routine.
  • Access to a community : Create an exclusive community on a social network and share tips with your community.
  • Test : Allow your clients to make an evaluation of a topic related to your business.
  • Mini course : Allow your clients to take a free course on a topic related to your business.

Do you dare to implement any of these ideas?

A hug,

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